$10,000 A Night Cruise on Regent Seven Seas’ Explorer

How much would you be willing to pay for a cabin on a luxury cruise ship? $500, $1000 or even $1,500 a night? One cruise ship is offering cabins that are $10,000 a night. Surprisingly, these cabins are pretty much sold out even though the ship has yet to make its maiden voyage. We are talking about the Regent Seven Seas Explorer cruise ship coming out in the summer of 2016.

What You Get For The Money

The most expensive & luxurious cabins at sea can be found on the Regent Seven Seas’ Explorer. The cabins are 3,875 square feet and have two bedrooms. Each suite can accommodate up to six guests. There’s also a large living room and a private spa. The spa features a steam room, treatment area and sauna. There will also be a sunroom and grand piano in each of these suites.

Regent Seven Seas Explorer Suite

This Is No Ordinary Ship

A ship that’s able to offer its guests a cabin that’s larger than most households in the U.S. has to be in a league of its own. The Explorer will be able to accommodate 750 passengers. In order to take care all of these guests there will be about 500 crew members on board to ensure that the experience is well worth the money. It is estimated that it will cost about $450 million to build this ship. The Explorer won’t debut until July 2016. This all suite ship is set to go on 15 sailings so far. Besides the $10,000 a night cabins there will also be 374 other suites that start at 310 square feet and go up to about 1,500 square feet.

What’s On Board

Guests will get to eat at some of the cruise line’s most popular restaurants like Prime 7 Steakhouse, The Compass Rose and Veranda Café. For entertainment there is the Constellation Theater and Meridian Lounge. New to the Regent Seven Seas is a culinary center called the Culinary Kitchen. It will provide guests with cooking classes from some of the most renowned chefs in the world. It will feature 18 cooking stations that are fully equipped with countertops, sinks and cooktops. There will be more than a dozen different cooking classes offered that feature everything from healthy cooking to preparing mini-desserts.

Once the Explorer sets sail it will spend its inaugural season cruising around the Mediterranean. However, if you don’t want to spend $10,000 a night for a cabin on a cruise ship, we have many other cruises available that might be a more affordable option for you.

What’s Included:


• FREE Specialty Restaurants
• Up to $4,000 Early Booking Savings per person
• FREE Unlimited Beverages including fine wines and premium spirits
• FREE Luxury Hotel Package in Concierge Suites & higher
• Up to $400 Shipboard Credit per couple
• FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions
• Cocktail Reception on select voyages



5 Of The Happiest Cities in Europe You Should Visit

5 Of The Happiest Cities in Europe You Should VisitWhen you visit a country where the residents are happy and pleasant, it’s hard not to be happy yourself. Happy locals are generally very welcoming to visitors and more than willing to lend a hand to a stranger. The following 5 cities are definitely some of the happiest places in the world that travelers should visit if they get a chance.

Lucerne, Switzerland

For the most part Switzerland is a happy country. The city of Lucerne is extremely pleasant, especially during their Carnival of Basel called Fasnacht. It’s a lively event with parades and lanterns. The city of Lucerne is rather compact with snow covered mountains nearby. One of the most famous sights is the Chapel Bridge which was the first wooden bridge that was built in the 14th century. Another popular attraction is The Swiss Museum of Transport that features basically every form of transportation out there including airplanes, boats, cars and trains.

Delft, Netherlands

It’s no wonder that the locals tend to be happy here. This city has beautiful historic buildings and an abundance of canals. Top sights include Delft City Hall, Oude Kerk, Gemeenlandshuis and Arsenal.

South Highlands Of Iceland

When you think of Iceland you are probably thinking of snow and ice and not necessarily pleasant people. Surprisingly the frigid weather does not get residents of Iceland down, at least not for long anyways. South Highlands of Iceland is known for its friendly locals and its extraordinary hiking trails. In particular Landmannalauger is frequented by tourists who want to spend time in nature or sleep in a mountain hut.

Aarhus, Denmark

This city has been ranked one of the happiest places in the world in numerous polls. It’s the second largest city in Denmark. What’s surprising is that close to 13 percent of the population is made up of students. Who knew that studying and going to school could make people so happy! Aarhus was selected as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2017. The city has many museums to visit plus a wide variety of performing art shows.

Marstrand, Sweden

This seaside locality is a popular destination for sailing and hosts the Match Cup Sweden. Marstrand is also known for a 17th century fortress called Carlsten. One of the nice things about Marstrand is that it is relatively small and visitors can really get a chance to know the locals. There are only about 1,400 residents that live on this small island.


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