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About Ashley Bennett

Ashley is a dedicated Writer and Stay at Home mother. She loves to write about her love of travel and the many experiences she has had around the world.

Outlet Shopping Vacations

With tax refund season upon us, as well as the change in seasons, many of us are itching to spend some money on new clothing, shoes, housewares and anything else you can think of. If you are hoping to plan … Read Story

Where to Celebrate the 4th of July

Independence Day, a/k/a the Fourth of July is tomorrow. Your own town might have a great fireworks display that you want to check out, or you may decide to go to a nearby city to see what they have to … Read Story

Planning Ahead: Saving Money on Summer Airfare

Vacations are be expensive, and costs go up during the summer when many other people are also taking a summer vacation. There are many costs that go into planning a summer vacation, but one of the places where prices can … Read Story

Uniworld River Cruises Goes All-Inclusive in 2014

When you take a cruise, whether on the wide open ocean or down a river, you normally expect the experience to be inclusive. Sometimes, though, you might be surprised that some things are not included with your ticket price. It’s … Read Story

Introducing the Royal Princess Cruise Ship

There’s something special about going on a Princess cruise, and the fleet just got a bit more exclusive with the introduction of the newest ship, the Royal Princess. This grand ship can carry 3,560 guests in the elegance and style … Read Story

Popular Travel Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Sometimes it can be hard to determine what’s an urban legend or an old wives’ tale and what isn’t. By now, most of us know that you can’t catch the flu from going out with wet hair and that our … Read Story

Saving Money on Your Weekend Getaway

Travel can be expensive, and it’s likely that you budget for your annual or semi-annual vacations. Sometimes the prospect of getting away is very tempting, however, even when you don’t really have the funds to set aside. If you are … Read Story

Sweet Home Alabama

One of the Southern states that is well worth visiting this fall is Alabama. While at first thought it might not be the most popular tourist destination in the region, it does have features which  make it an excellent vacation … Read Story

How to Save Money at Walt Disney World

It’s been said time and time again that Walt Disney World is not a place for middle-class families. There are many families who will never even consider visiting Mickey and Friends because the parks are expensive. While it is not … Read Story

Fall Foliage Around the World

In the northern hemisphere, the crispness in the air that signifies fall is on its way also means that within a few weeks, the trees will begin showing off their color. If you live in the United States and want … Read Story

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