Cheese Tours of Switzerland

134144804Switzerland has plenty of features that make people want to visit. The Alps, the chocolate, and of course, the cheese. Cheese is an important industry in Switzerland. Over 400 different types of cheese are produced in the country. Most of the cheeses are produced using cows’ milk, but some use goat or sheep milk instead. Because the country is so heavily invested in the cheese industry, cheese making, selling and tasting is a part of Swiss culture. If you’re planning on visiting Switzerland, one activity that you shouldn’t miss while you’re there is taking a cheese tour. Here are a couple of options for cheese tours that you might consider during your visit to Switzerland.

  • Gruyeres Cheese and Chocolate Tour. Take a day trip to the village of Gruyeres. You’ll take a comfortable coach ride from Geneva through the Swiss countryside and arrive in the village in time to take a tour of La Maison de Gruyere. Your guided tour of the famous cheese factory will highlight the process of cheese making and the history of Gruyere cheese. The factory produces close to 50 wheels of cheese each day, and you’ll be able to see the process happen first-hand. Of course, you’ll have a chance to sample some freshly-made Gruyere cheese while you’re there. Following the cheese factory tour, you’ll have an opportunity to explore the village. You’ll enjoy the gorgeous views of the hills and meadows, not to mention the impressive sight of the Castle of Gruyere. Have lunch in one of the fantastic restaurants in the village. For dessert, tour the Maison Cailler chocolate factory. Here, you’ll learn about the process of producing the delicious chocolates made there, and again, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the sweet treats produced there. Once the tour is over, your coach will bring you back to Geneva.
  • Mountains, Cheese, and Chocolate Tour. This tour begins in lovely and conveniently located Zurich. Board a minibus for a ride alongside Lake Zurich to your first stop at the Lindt Chocolate Shop. If you love Swiss chocolate, this is your opportunity to buy some at its best. Once you get back on the bus, you’ll continue to Rapperswil for a look at the famous medieval castle located there. Then you’re on to Appenzell. Here you’ll visit the Appenzeller cheese factory. Learn all about the production of this famous cheese, as well as the history and traditions associated with cheese making in Switzerland. You’ll definitely want to try some samples while you’re there. The tour continues with an aerial cable car ride over the hills of Appenzell and a walk through the Alpine garden. After lunch at the revolving restaurant, you’ll take a guided walking tour of the town. Make sure to get in some shopping before boarding the bus and heading back to Zurich.

Many Switzerland tours will include one of these along with the other amazing sites that Switzerland has to offer.  These trips combine interesting factory tours with fun insights into the culture and the surrounding areas. A cheese tour is a great way to spend a day and get to know more about Switzerland. Have you done either of these tours? Tell us about your experience!

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