Spring Break Destinations for College Students

122626186College students everywhere are gearing up for a week or so of rest and relaxation, partying, and fun. That’s right, it’s almost time for Spring Break, that much needed vacation from the grind of studying tests, and textbooks. If you haven’t made your plans for a spring getaway yet, now is the time to start. There are a number of excellent Spring Break vacation spots out there, both in and out of the U.S. If you’re having trouble deciding where to go, here’s a quick overview of some of the top Spring Break vacation destinations for young adults.

  • South Padre Island. Located in Texas, this beach has become a major Spring Break hotspot in recent years. It’s got everything needed for an amazing Spring Break vacation: gorgeous sandy beaches and crystalline blue water, warm weather, exciting activities and affordable hotels and restaurants. Spend some time kiteboarding (a favorite local pastime), dolphin watching, or just enjoying the beach. South Padre is a small area, and you’ll easily be able to explore it on foot, or you can ride the free Wave shuttle around town. While you’re there, don’t forget to try some of the excellent fresh seafood that the area is known for.
  • Daytona Beach. There are plenty of places in Florida that are popular Spring Break destinations, so you may want to spend some time in more than one of them if you’re going to be in the state. Daytona Beach, with its long history of welcoming Spring Breakers, is definitely still worth a visit. The city that bills itself as the “World’s most Famous Beach” offers 20 miles of beachfront, and even allows you to drive on it. The city itself is laid back and very affordable; inexpensive hotels line the beachside section of the city and bars, restaurants, and clubs are plentiful.
  • The Bahamas. If you want your Spring Break vacation to take you out of the U.S., the Bahamas are a great choice. The Bahamian beaches are legendary, and the islands have a thriving nightlife, so college students looking for dance clubs and parties won’t be disappointed. Visitors also say that the Bahamas are one of the least expensive spots in the Caribbean.
  • Cancun. This Mexican barrier island has long been known as a party destination. Cancun is one of the most inexpensive vacation spots on this side of the world; even the all-inclusive resorts are relatively cheap. The area is packed with hotels, restaurants, clubs, and bars, and the beaches are simply incredible. You don’t even need to worry about driving; the bus system in Cancun is reliable, cheap, and can get you anywhere you need to go.

These aren’t places that you’ll want to go for quiet and privacy, at least not during the Spring Break window. But if you’re looking for sand and surf, crowds and clubs, and parties and excitement at affordable prices, these are some of the best destinations out there.

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