Wellness At Sea: Staying Fit on Your Cruise

Although cruises are well known for being places to relax, lounge, and indulge,  health conscious travelers are finding that cruises are taking a new direction that emphasizes health and fitness for those in search of healthy, active forms of fun. On at least some cruise ships, you can now find outstanding spa and gym options, fitness programs, sports decks, and more. As people become more health conscious and the battle against obesity rages on, these sorts of amenities are becoming more and more standard. Here are just a few examples of ships that boast healthy alternatives to lounging and indulging.

  • Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. One of the largest cruise ships out there, this one has plenty of room for all the fitness equipment you can hope for. The Oasis is known for having one of the best onboard gyms in existence. Aside from the kind of equipment that you’d expect to find anywhere, this gym has Gravity machines, Expresso bikes, Activio cycling, and a Kinesis wall. They offer a jogging and cycling class, a jogging club, and Kinesis training groups. In addition, they offer classes like yoga and tai chi. If you want a well-rounded fitness program experience, you’ll certainly find it here.
  • Carnival Magic and Breeze. Carnival’s new ships are outfitted with SportSquare, a wide-ranging outdoor recreation space. Surrounding the SportSquare is an eighth-mile jogging track, and inside of it, you’ll find quite a few activities to choose from. You can play basketball, volleyball, or soccer on the multipurpose court or you can lift weights in the outdoor weightlifting area. There’s also a six station Vita exercise course and a two level miniature golf course. For those seeking a more exciting type of challenge, you can try the first ever onboard ropes course, offered on both of these Carnival ships.
  • Norwegian Epic and Breakaway. These ships are offering some exciting and entertaining fitness activities. Norwegian Epic is the home of the largest onboard rock-climbing wall of any Norwegian ship, and has added a rappelling wall as well. Epic also offers a multi-use sports deck, a full sized basketball court, a climbing cage (known as the Spider Web), and a bungee trampoline. Breakaway, coming in April of 2013, will have the Aqua Park, a water based center with five waterslides and a splash zone for children. It will also have a three story sport complex, a ropes course, and a mini-golf course, as well as a rock wall and bungee trampoline.

If you really want to focus on fitness for most of your cruise, you can even find themed cruises that focus specifically on healthy lifestyles, or on specific activities like running, golfing or even dancing. But as you can see, it’s possible to maintain your fitness regimen and healthy living habits even on regular cruises. Look for many similar fitness options on the ship you choose when you plan your next cruise.

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